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How to Deal with a Pedestrian Accident and get Fair Compensation?

Pedestrian Accidents are the most unfortunate and dreadful way of getting injured for anyone. Pedestrians are the most vulnerable beings while they walk, jog or run on the streets. Pedestrians do not have any extra protection, similar to those who drive motorcycles or cars. They are prone to most painful and traumatic injury experiences if they undergo any accident. Most of the time, pedestrian accidents happen through ‘hit and run’ cases which are often damaging. These may even cause traumatic brain injuries leading to the manifestation of long-term chronic pain. There can also be cases of fractures, orthopedic injuries and sometimes leading to tragic death of your loved ones. Their needs a detailed understanding and consideration to pick a skillful and experienced Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in Canada. There would also be injuries, caused by slip and fall leading to personal injury.

Our Personal Injury Lawyers Canada would help you understand the scenarios in pedestrian accidents and various issues. The complexities of a pedestrian injury need to be understood before the claim is made at your concerned insurance company. A no fault insurance claim can be made, to the insurance company which bears your car insurance. The insurance can be claimed even though your car is not involved in this accident. In case, if your access is limited to your car insurance, then the claim can be made on the vehicle that injured you. Motor Vehicle Accident Funds is available for those living in Canada through the Ontario Government. This claim can be made if you are unfortunately involved in a hit and run case by an unidentified driver who escaped after hitting you.

There is another category called the Tort claims, where the driver of the car is held responsible for the accident. The claim is made liable for the damages made by the driver and compensation for your losses. The laws in Ontario were made strict to ensure that the drivers could drive responsibly without hitting anyone. The driver needs to furnish proofs showing that he/she is not driving negligently while the accident has happened. The driver is made responsible for the loss and will be asked to compensate for damage due to the accident leading to pain, cost of health care, loss of income and expenses of housekeeping. In the worst case if there is any loss of life, the family can claim for loss of care, loss of dependency and guidance.

We have a team of Personal Injury Lawyers in Canada who are well experienced in handling sensitive cases of pedestrian accidents. Our lawyers are well aware of Canadian rules and guidelines for the insurance companies. They make sure to get free from your mental trauma after an accident and get back to normal life. A free consultation with our lawyers can help you get a fair idea of the situation and take proper steps. This eliminates the confusion and panic which you may face after personal injury. We ensure the victim to get fair compensation considering your health condition after the accident.