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Economic/Federal Programs

Permanent Residency in Canada is granted for a person who is immigrated to Canada with permanent resident status. Anyhow, those who got Permanent residency in Canada are still residents of their own countries.

Permanent residents and their dependents in Canada are eligible to enjoy benefits like any other Canadian Resident.

  • Health coverage plans along with other social benefits
  • Permitted to study, work and live anywhere across Canada
  • Eligibility to apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Protection of individual rights under Canadian Law and the Charter of Rights and Freedom

Apart from the benefits, a permanent resident is subjected to follow essential duties along with citizens of Canada. One should pay taxes in time and respect the Canadian Federal law at Provincial, Federal, and Municipal levels.

Although it may look simple, there are different ways through which you can apply for Canadian residency. All you have to do is select among the various programs available for which you might be eligible for.

  1. Family Class Sponsorship

A permanent Resident Canada or Canadian Citizen will have an opportunity to sponsor his/her spouse, conjugal partner, common-law partner, Dependent child for migrating any of them to Canada as a permanent resident. There are specific requirements to be fulfilled by the sponsor and the sponsored person. Medical, clinical, and background screening are a must for the applicants in this sponsorship program.

 Under this program, the applicants can also sponsor their parents or grandparents. As per the Ministry of immigration refugees and citizenship Canada, the applicants are selected on a lottery basis system instead of a first come, first serve basis for sponsoring parents and grandparents. The Application procedure is close to the Express Entry system linked with Government selection with a window of 90 days to submit the application once invitations are opened. Initially, the applicants who are interested in sponsoring their parents and grandparents need to fill their interest in applying for this program. The form contains all the basic information about the sponsor in the application, and the applicant would receive a confirmation number once the submission is completed.

Later, the 10,000 applicants are picked randomly and are invited to submit full applications within 90 days. Sponsors whose applications were not submitted will have to re-submit in next year.

Sponsor Requirements: The sponsors need to be above 18 years without any outstanding sponsorship and any kind of criminal background or any history of activities denying the law. Also, the sponsor needs to promise financial aid to the member in the family, and also, there are specific required income measures to be met by the sponsor.

To obtain Permanent Residency in Canada for Spouses, they should fall into the category of Conjugal partner, or Common-law partner or dependent children. There is an option for the resident spouse to apply either for In-Canada spousal sponsorship or overseas spousal sponsorship. For either of the options, the sponsor can apply through different forms that have different procedures to follow. It is recommended to take some legal advice from Permanent Resident Lawyers to decide which application suits your criteria.

If there are any dependent child criteria for the sponsor, the child needs to be either aged under 22 or dependent child who needs a parent’s financial support due to mental or physical condition. The documentation varies between each criterion and is specific to each case, and it is recommended to check documents thoroughly that suit your application criteria. Contact us for Canadian Immigration Lawyers' services who can help you go through this process.

  1. Business Programs:
  • Federal Start-up Visa: It is a special visa program developed to encourage entrepreneurs from other countries to invest and start creating jobs and provide economic growth in Canada. This program accepts a limited number of applicants for this program as it needs quality people to achieve success.

 A Foreign national must meet certain criteria to apply for business visitor visa Canada and be a member of the start-up business class.  

  • Need to obtain a written commitment by another angel investor group to invest a total of $75,000
  • Need to obtain a written commitment by another venture capital funds to invest a total of $200,000
  • All the commitments need to be signed by an authentic authority.
  • To have a certified level of proficiency in the language.
  • Need to have at least one year of Good standings in High school
  • To have sufficient funds as per statistics Canada under Statistics act.

If there is more than one applicant for the same business program and their permanent residency was rejected, then automatically, their applications would be refused as requirements were not met.

In particular scenarios, peer-review by Canada immigration advisors & consultants might be needed for assessing whether the application has met the requirement or not. The peer-review panel is independent of the Minister’s control, and the panel’s decision would in no way influence the qualification of the application.

  • Self Employed:

This class is available for Canadian Business Visitor Visa which is applicable for both the Provincial and Federal levels. Applicants for this program need to have relevant experience for at least five years before the application date. The needed relevant experience for Business Visa program includes:

  • A record of cultural activities, athletics, or relevant self-employment experience.
  • World-class level participation in cultural activities and athletics
  • An experience in Farm Management
  • Relevant experience of a minimum of two years within the last five years

 There are no restrictions or conditions on the immigrants, but the above-stated experience needs to be fulfilled. The applicant needs to have at least one of the following abilities to be eligible. 

  • A business to be established that would create an employment opportunity at least for the applicant himself/herself. Also, the business should contribute towards cultural activities or any suitable activities in Canada.
  • Buying and maintenance of Farm in Canada.

Ontario Investor Program:

  • Business stream options are re-structured by the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP), giving scope for Entrepreneurs, Business, and Corporate.


All the foreign nationals are invited to the stream, who are planning to implement new businesses or acquire an existing business in Ontario. If the company was successfully established in Ontario, the applicant would be nominated for the status of a Canada immigration permanent resident.


The OINP for corporate streams allows international corporations and companies to expand their existing business or buy a new Business. Staff in corporations is eligible to apply for nomination and get Business Visitor Visa for corporate.