Permanent residence card Applying, renewing, replacing

Permanent Resident Card

Permanent Residency in Canada is granted for a person who is immigrated to Canada with permanent resident status. Anyhow, those who got Permanent residency in Canada are still residents of their own countries.

All the permanent residents of Canada who are wishing to re-enter Canada through commercial carriers require an application for a permanent resident card. From August 2009, there were some important changes needed for the PR card with added security features. The new permanent residents would get a new PR card as per the citizenship immigration Canada process.


  • You should have received permanent resident status before June 28, 2002
  • If you did not obtain a PR card and obtained permanent resident on June 28, 2002, or before
  • If your card is unfortunately stolen, you are lost or expired. 

These three categories of people can apply for an Application for a permanent resident card:

  • If you are applying for Canada PR Process for the first time
  • If you are replacing lost, expired or stolen PR card and need permanent resident card renewal.
  • If there is an urgency for PR Card application