Apply Super Visa Canada (for parents and grandparents)

Super Visas

Parents and Grandparent Super visa are allowed to visit their family in Canada using a Super Visa. The Super visa Canada allows the parents and grandparents to visit Canada without having to renew it for 2 years. Under this program, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) may provide multiple-entry visas that are valid up to 10 years. This allows the grandparents and parents to travel back and forth between their home country and Canada.

The applicant of Super Visa application needs to meet the following requirements to qualify:

  • Must be Grandparent or parent of a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
  • Must be staying in Canada
  • A written commitment from grandchildren or children about offering financial support to the parent or grandparent.
  • Should be proved that, Canadian Insurance coverage plan is bought for at least one year
  • Should complete immigration medical examination

To check whether a person is admissible or not, the visa officers consider many factors. It is essential that the visiting person should be genuine and is willing to leave Canada at the end of their visit. The important details that are taken in consideration are:

  • The person’s relations with his/her home country
  • Purpose of Visit
  • Financial situation and family situation of the person
  • Stability of his/her home country politically and economically
  • Must have an invitation from a Canadian host

Applicants of Canada super visa must remember that Super visa is still a temporary application. If you wish to make your parent or grandparent stay permanently in Canada, a parental sponsorship application needs to be submitted.