Temporary Resident Permit Canada

Temporary Resident Permit

Who should apply for TRP?

Yearly, many applicants visit our agency to apply for a temporary resident visa. Most of the applications contain requests asking to permit family members for reunion. Mostly, this situation happens with those having medical problems or other issues of inadmissibility but need to enter Canada. They need permits to enter Canada on Humanitarian, social and work purposes. People such as emergency workers, artists, and athletes fall into this category who need Temporary Resident Permit Canada.  

Use of TRP?

As per IRPA (Immigration and Refugee Protection Act), TRP is listed under section 24. TRP eases the regulations and allows a foreign national to stay or enter Canada who is having unavoidable circumstances and compelling reasons. Overall, TRP balances the Canadian principles of economic, social, and humanitarian grounds, to be eligible for Temporary resident permits the applicant must be a person: 

  • Who is seeking to enter Canada but he/she is inadmissible after an officer has justified the decision for not allowing
  • Who is already in Canada and he/she is inadmissible due to a violation of the act or for not meeting requirements of the act
  • If the individual does not match the status of restoration

When is a TRP granted?

The ultimate decision to grant a temporary resident permit Canada lies with the officers after considering risk factors linked with each case. The decision is taken after an assessment is done by the officers. There are some discretionary, obligatory, and a  few specific factors which need to be considered during the assessment:

  • Officers must consider factors such as job, qualifications, family members, the economic situation, duration of stay, which justify the stay of a person as a necessity.
  • Purpose of the visit which may include protecting health care or public health

What does an assessment include?

  • Assessing the necessity of person’s stay in Canada
  • Understanding the person’s type and class of application along with pertinent family information both inside and outside Canada
  • If there is any involvement of medical treatment, the effectiveness and availability of the treatment in Canada will be assessed.
  • The direct and indirect benefits the person might be eligible
  • If the sponsor is a foreign national, host or Employee his/her identity is examined

Where to apply for TRP?

Temporary Resident Permits are issued at inland offices and ports of entry. The Permit extensions are issued only at inland offices. The permit is given for a maximum of three years, later on it can be extended until two years. The time request would be as short as one day, depending on the reason for entry. The mode of applying to TRP varies between person to person, a few of them apply in person, and a few apply through writing.

In case of written submissions, the applicant must submit an assessment of their needs and including any potential risks involved linked to their visit. If the temporary resident permit holder leaves Canada, the permit gets canceled. The cancellation stays until the document is authorized for re-entry.


In case of serious inadmissibility due to violations where the applicant's credibility needs an assessment, Interviews would be conducted. If the inadmissibility is due to health, merit or about only minor offences then, the interview may not be needed.