A Canadian work permit is also known as a work visa. It is issued for overseas individuals eligible to work in Canada over a specific period.

People can only apply for a work permit for Canada when they get an employment offer or job contract from any Canadian employer. The employer must get a LIMA or labour market impact assessment from ESDC or employment and social development Canada.

The permission is given so that skilled foreign workers can be recruited for occupations or responsibilities that permanent residents or citizens of Canada cannot fulfil. Canada is a great destination for seeking work permits and employment as it is one of the most popular world’s leading economies.

This Canadian work permit allows permanent workers, business people, temporary workers, and others to seek employment in Canada.

Details for Canada work permit

Around 4,00,000 overseas candidates got their Canadian working permit in the year 2021. This forms a huge opportunity for people in India to seek jobs and other employment in Canada. The Canada work permit allows candidates to do the following things:

  1. You can work under the employer you mentioned in the Canada work visa application for your work permit.
  2. You have the ability where you can apply for dependent visas so that your dependents can be called.
  3. You can earn in dollars.
  4. You can travel across Canada.
  5. After applying for a Canada work visa, you can also apply for a PR visa.

Eligibility for applying for work permit Canada

Proof has to show by a candidate that he is eligible for getting a Canadian work permit. Certain requirements must be completed to apply for a work permit in Canada from India. The Canadian work permit is ideal for foreign graduates, temporary workers, businessmen, and Canadian universities who want to work in Canada.

  1. Proof has to be given to an officer who will make you move out of Canada on the permit’s expiry.
  2. You have to show documents as proof that you have enough proof to support your family and yourself when you stay in Canada.
  3. You must submit a police clearance certificate showing you have no criminal activity as proof.
  4. Have to submit your medical if it required.
  5. You must be able to provide any documentation on the officer’s demand so that your entry into Canada can be qualified.
  6. A valid passport for more than 6 months from the planned date.
  7. Certificates for educational qualifications.
  8. Professional qualification proof and work experience.
  9. Application fee.

Employment that does not need a work permit in Canada

There are a few jobs or employment in which work permits for Canada are not needed. Some jobs include coach, athlete, incident investigator, business visitor, civil aviation inspector, clergy, convention organizer, crew member, a student working off-campus, performing artist, health care student, public speaker, short-term researcher, etc.

Canada work permits processing time

On average, typically, it takes 1-9 months for a Canada work permit to proceed. The time of processing starts from the day when IRCC receives your complete Canada work visa application and it ends after they make their decision.

The Canada work permit processing Covid can also delay due to Coronavirus situations. The processing time varies under the following conditions:

  1. The type and in what form you submit your application.
  2. Whether the application is complete or not.
  3. Your information is verified.
  4. Whether the documents you submit are complete or not.
  5. How long does it take for you to respond to any concerns or requests
  6. Other factors.


A Canadian work permit is essential if you want to get employment from a Canadian employer. A few requirements, documents, and verifications need to done to apply for and process this permit. It is important to have enough funds or finances to manage your stay in Canada.

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