If you wish to travel to Canada for work-related purposes and your reasons are justified, you will be granted a temporary resident permit. It also known as the TRP in short form. This document generally issued by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, allowing people to take temporary resident permit applications from outside Canada.

The TRP only given to the persons whose visit to Canada beneficial to the country and its citizens. The Canadian Border Service officers approve the Temporary Resident Permit applications of the people.
Since the name of the permit suggests temporary, the person with TRP has to leave Canada once their temporary residence has expired.

How to apply for a temporary resident permit in Canada?

A person with a valid reason or who proves the necessity of their trip to Canada can apply for a temporary resident permit in Canada.

If the application for the citizen of the ETA-required country refused, then they are granted the temporary resident permit. But this type of situation also depends on the nature and circumstances of why a person genuinely requires a visa to visit Canada. Every country has its own sets of guidelines for giving the application form for TRPs to its citizens. So, it always advised that the person go and check the visa offices to know the methods for applying for a permit to Canada.

Before you become a temporary resident permit holder in Canada, you must face an interview where the officers access your application for a valid reason.

For how long the temporary resident permit is valid?

The temporary resident permit can given for a week if a person wants to attend any conference or seminar in Canada. If a person wants to do research or project work in Canada or any study programs, then a temporary permit can given to them for months or even years. Once the permit expires, one must leave Canada or apply for a new one before the old temporary resident permit expires.

If you indulge in activities other than the purpose of your visit to Canada, the officers may cancel your permit anytime.

Temporary resident permit Canada checklist

The person applying for TRP must follow the temporary resident permit Canada checklist, which is given below:

  1. Proof of identity, such as passport copy or any acceptable travel document, for people other than US citizens.
  2. A passport copy or birth certificate is quintessential for US citizens.
  3. Photocopy of the current immigration document
  4. Valid passport, financial statement of the person or the family members.
  5. Medical health certificate

What is a temporary resident visa?

A temporary resident visa (TRV) is also known as the visitor visa, which is an official document given to the people outside of Canada by the Canadian visa office. TRV is placed inside your passport to meet the requirements for getting into Canada as a temporary resident. You can get into Canada as a visitor, scholar, or worker.

Temporary resident permit vs. Temporary resident visa

The temporary resident permit (TRP) is different from the temporary resident visa (TRV). TRP a document given to the persons to visit Canada without which one not allowed. This issued for a limited period, and the purpose of visiting the country can tourism or business purposes.

TRV includes the visitor visa, which given to the people who do not immigrate to Canada permanently. The officials put it into the holder’s passport to let them enter the country. A temporary resident permit the same as a visitor visa? No, they not. Since visitor visa given to the people with their passports and TRP issued separately to the person.

What is the processing time for a temporary resident permit in Canada?

The temporary resident permit Canada processing times varies. After applying for the license, the processing times can as low as 1-2 months or more than eight months, depending on the application volume and other factors.


This article provides an overview of the temporary resident permit and how a person can hassle-free apply for the license in Canada. The reader can have insights into the difference between TRP and TRV. Every country’s visa officials have rules and regulations to provide TRP to its citizens. The person should have a valid reason before moving into Canada temporarily.

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