How to Get Canada PR Visa? Step by Step Guide : Immigrants from all around the world flock to Canada because it is a popular destination. It is a perfect destination for Indians to live, work, and settle permanently in the country due to its high quality of living, excellent professional prospects, and safe environment. In addition, the maple country welcomes immigrants through various immigration pathway programs with relatively simple processes and faster visa processing periods.

Permanent Residence Visa Canada:

Permanent residence in Canada is a five-year visa with multiple entries that allows talented foreign employees to work and remain in the country. After five years, you can renew or extend your visa. You can seek to become a Canadian citizen after three years of residency and work with the Canadian PR card.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Benefits:

  1. Without restrictions, live, work, and settle in Canada indefinitely.
  2. Earn twice as much as you do now and work for whichever firm you want.
  3. If you married, your spouse and children also permitted to travel with you without needing a separate family visa.
  4. Children receive free schooling, and the spouse is eligible to work for any Canadian corporation.
  5. You will not have to pay for you or your family’s medical treatment since the Canadian government will cover it.
  6.  You can become a Canadian citizen after only three years.

Canada Express Entry Program:

An applicant who applies for a PR visa through the Express Entry program will be evaluated using a points-based system. The Express Entry System is divided into three sections:

  1. Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  2. Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

You can apply for a PR visa under the Federal Skilled Workers Program if you are a skilled worker. The Canadian government started this initiative in 2015 to encourage talented professionals to come and settle in the country. If you are fortunate enough to be chosen from a pool of qualified applicants for a PR visa through the Express Entry program, you will be selected from a pool of candidates based on your Express Entry profile.

You will receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency in Canada. If you receive your ITA, you can begin the paperwork for your PR visa. The ITA is similar to the IRCC’s Express Entry answer and is issued to those with the highest CRS score in a specific Express Entry draw, usually done monthly.

You have 90 days after receiving your ITA to submit documentation that backs up the information you supplied when creating your Express Entry profile.

The next step is to provide your biometric information (fingerprints and photos). You can submit your application after you’ve finished your medical testing, biometrics, and required documentation.

Eligibility Requirement for Canada Immigration:

  1. Under the age of 40
  2. A bachelor’s degree in any field required.
  3. A minimum of two years of work experience
  4. Ability to communicate in English (speak, read, and write) and a score of 67 on Canada’s points-based immigration selection system No criminal record
  5. Perfect health conditions
  6. Your job title should be on Canada’s list of high-demand occupations.
  7. In the IELTS exam, you should get good bands.

Canada Permanent Residence Fees:

The cost of a Permanent Resident visa is Rs. 80,000 per application. The price for a Canadian PR visa is usually requested at the end of the application procedure. An Education Credential Assessment fee will be collected during the first stage of the Canadian Permanent Residency application process. Each application will charged Rs. 17,000. This is to see if your education satisfies Canadian requirements and if you’re ready to proceed with the application.

Processing Time for Canada PR Visa:

It takes time to process your PR visa, but it should take around six months. Before the IRCC decides on your application, you may required to attend a brief interview. So IRCC will send you a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) if your application is approved. Find out the step-by-step process to live a happy and long life in Canada with a Permanent Visa.

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