A permanent resident card is an authorized document (plastic card) with a person’s biographic information and other relevant metrics such as a photograph, biometrics, expiration date, etc. The U.S immigration authorities issue it.

It is a valid proof of one’s citizenship and allows one to stay legally in the United States for life.

There is a specific criterion one has to qualify to get the permanent resident card; these include:

1. Demographics and family

  1. One has to be born inside the country’s defined boundaries
  2. One of their parents or primary caregivers has to be a permanent resident of the country
  3. If your spouse is a lawful citizen of the United States

2. Through employment

  1. An immigrant worker must have skills contributing to the country’s welfare.
  2. An experienced and well-trained professional will likely get an indefinite stay due to their highly acclaimed skills and experience.
  3. Even at a lower development tier, skilled labor may get citizenship if the service is in the nation’s interest or there is an ardent need for employment in that sector.

3. Refugee status

  1. Many exploited and hurt refugees may apply for citizenship in the country to seek remedy and shelter after a war/calamity/anthropogenic action in their home country.
  2. Their rights are well protected under the jurisdiction of the U.S government, and they are provided all the rights once granted the permanent resident permit.

4. Through the registry

  1. You may apply for citizenship if you have resided here constantly since or before 1st January 1972.

5. Victims of abuse

  1. The U.S government also grants citizenship to the victims of abuse. They may be immigrants or held captive due to human trafficking. They may be acid attack survivors, rape victims, and victims of other inhuman activities such as violence or war.

6. Other Categories

  1. You may also apply if you intend to work as a religious worker for a non-profit organization in the U.S.
  2. You’re eligible for citizenship if you have served in international organizations or NATO.
  3. You may also be eligible if you’re a juvenile and you’ve suffered abuse, trauma, or been abandoned.

Benefits of a permanent resident card:

  1. You’re allowed to stay indefinitely inside the legal boundaries of the United States.
  2. You are open to working in any sector or company of your choice without any obligation.
  3. You’re secured and lawfully protected by the U.s government, and all your human rights are well preserved.
  4. You get to vote in the public elections and enjoy all the rights of a U.S citizen.

Millions of people from all over the world are in ardent need to get citizenship in different countries. Their preference is most developed countries like the U.K, U.S.A, Australia, etc. due to good living conditions, less population, availability of basic amenities, enormous job opportunities, etc.

These countries also have very strict criteria when it comes to immigration. From the study or work permit to the permanent resident card, there is a passage of verification, evaluation, and assessment of your data to permit you.

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