Your credit score is vital in determining the quality of financial services and the interest rates you get in Canada. It is challenging for people in Canada to maintain a good credit score. You might think you must spend a lot of effort, time, and energy buying or fixing bad credit.

Although you have bad credit, it can affect your ability to buy a home and qualify for a loan or auto loan; it is not something you can change. It is essential to know how to improve your credit, and it helps you to have a better financial goal that you can achieve.

So, go through this blog and look at what you can do to fix a bad credit score and how much time it requires.

How to fix bad credit (Canada)

Do you think it is hard to fix a bad credit score? It is as easy as the following:

  1. Missing dates of bills can also affect credit scores and make them look bad. If you still miss your frequent bill dates, all this information might be visible in your credit history. It drags down your credit score and makes a wrong impression on it. This is one of the significant factors on which financial bureaus determine your financial services.
  2. If you are running close to your credit limit and have a high utilization rate, it also significantly impacts your credit score. The ratio that compares your available credit with your spent credit is the utilization ratio. Maintaining a good credit score by maintaining a utilization ratio is also essential. For example, if you have a $10,000 credit that is available but only about $3000, your utilization ratio will be around 30%. This utilization ratio or rate is considered to be good.
  3. If you are new to credit scores and the credit world, it can also impact your credit in Canada. This is because it mainly happens when you do not borrow much or are not using any credit. This way, enough information is unavailable to determine your creditworthiness. The only way you can fix this problem is with the help f time. Make sure you spend enough time building a good credit history that includes your credit card, electricity bills, or cell phone bills. Make sure you pay them on time, as it is reflected in your credit score.
  4. There might be chances of getting hard credits when applying for a new credit card or a new loan. Typically, in this case, the lender goes to the bureau and asks for your credit report. If there are several or more challenging inquiries in a short duration, then it can also lower your credit score.

Can I fix bad credit?

Fixing your bad credit means rebuilding it and making it better over time. You can not change your credit score if it is finally printed in your credit report for some time. But if there is any inaccurate credit information in your credit report, you can file a petition to fix that error.

However, no one can change that information if your credit is already bad, printed in the credit report, and bills are already missed. So, you can not fix your existing credit score, but you can rebuild it by creating a good credit history.

Make sure you follow the above steps or information so that your credit history can be made better. And keep in mind that there is no such thing that includes ‘clearing negative information from your credit report such as a bad credit score.’ Do not fall under scams.


Here are a few things that can affect your credit score by making it look not good. Make sure you prevent all these things and start building better and positive credit in Canada. It will surely take some time, but it will finally be done.

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